Open source

AgnostiPay is an open source tool for building, connecting and changing the way value transactions are done under the fully transparent control of the end-user. AgnostiPay offers a client-side payment, exchange and transaction middleware orchestrator, which the end-user can command using its own api keys. We believe in ‘bring your own keys’ to the party that is open source, value agnostic and non-discriminatory.

Key features of AgnostiPay


Full End-user Control


Due to the accessibility of the Providers by the end-user’s API keys, the end-user has full control over the value transaction flows. AgnostiPay provides an open source platform that puts the end-user back in (de)central control.


Currency/Value agnostic


AgnostiPay allows any token of value to flow through its network/platform and transform/exchange into its desired end form/value. It can help in/orchestrate this process by connecting different Providers - as long as they speak similar ‘value language’ (e.g. EUR/EUR or BTC/BTC) - and specifically ‘Exchange’ Providers in the same flow.


Non Discriminatory


Any Provider that complies with it’s local or relevant laws, and allows the end-user full control (e.g. through API keys) can be added as a new Provider to the Agnostipay repository.


Transaction overview


AgnostiPay’s fully transparent transaction display allows the end-user to gain instant insights in its transaction flows. The end user can use this overview for its own reflection or to share this with regulators if deemed necessary. AgnostiPay does not store any data.

Bring your own keys and instal AgnostiPay today

AgnostiPay can orchestrate any transaction and exchange flow between any added Provider (e.g. Bank account, Exchanges, PSP’s, Wallets, etc.) to any endpoint within reach of these Providers. This is possible - thanks to credentials of the end-user (e.g. API keys) shared with the open source client side orchestrator - for all who join.

Developer? We want you!

We are looking for passinate developers to help building.